Valerio Frascolla
Director of Research and Innovation at Intel

Dr Valerio Frascolla (MSc and PhD in Electronic Engineering) is Director of Research and Innovation at Intel and had been working at Ancona University, Comneon, Infineon, as reviewer for the EC, the Portuguese and Romanian science foundations. Valerio has expertise in wireless system architecture, requirements management, standardization, program management, business aspects. He authored 75+ publications, was TPC member of 85+ conferences, is reviewer for 30+ journals. His main research interest is wireless system design, focusing on spectrum management, AI, and edge technologies. Valerio represents Intel in the European ecosystem, as Vice-President of BDVA and workgroup lead in AIOTI, 6G-IA, NetworldEurope.



RISC-V: an opportunity for the European R&I&D ecosystems
Tuesday Jun 13, 2023  17:00-18:00
AI-native data management for robustness and sustainability
Wednesday Jun 14, 2023  13:00-14:00
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