Svetla Boytcheva
Senior Research Lead at Ontotext, Sirma AI

Svetla Boytcheva is Senior Research Lead at Ontotext. She works in the field of Semantic Technologies, AI, Deep Learning, NLP and Machine Learning applications for various domains Healthcare and Pharma, FinTech, Food and Agriculture, Transport and Logistics, Industry, and Media. She has a PhD in Machine Learning and long experience in academia as an associate professor in several European universities. She has long experience in National and EU-funded research projects. Some of her more recent projects include H2020 Examode, theFSM, PLANET, InnoRate and Horizon Europe: AIDAVA, RES-Q+.



From “Big” to “Extreme”, or how to increase the value from data analytics
Wednesday Jun 14, 2023  10:45-12:15
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