Mihnea Tufis
Research and Development Group Lead at Eurecat - Technology Centre

Mihnea Tufiș is a senior researcher and data scientist at the Big Data Unit at Eurecat. Mihnea holds a joint MSc in Data Mining and Knowledge Management from Polytech Nantes (France) and Eastern Piedmont (Italy) Universities, and a PhD in Computer Science from the Sorbonne University – Pierre and Marie Curie in Paris. In Eurecat, he is involved in a variety of research and innovation projects. He is currently leading Eurecat’s new research line on Trustworthy AI, bringing together R&D from the areas of privacy, data and algorithmic fairness, and explainable AI. He is also leading Eurecat’s R&D projects in the area of Data Valuation. Additionally, he is participating in a range of technology transfer projects, implementing data driven solutions for beneficiaries from various industries: cultural, urban mobility, human resources, retail.



Data monetisation
Tuesday Mar 12, 2024  12:00-13:00
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