Mark Dietrich
Senior Advisor at EGI Foundation

Guiding’s alignment with global open science efforts, initiatives of the European Commission, data spaces and data sharing initiatives in research and industry, and the broader cloud-edge computing continuum in Europe.  An experienced leader and senior executive, skilled in a wide range of technologies, with particular expertise in high performance computing, spearheading Canada’s national advanced research computing organization, Compute Canada, in a complete refresh of its technology base and a full re-financing of its operations. Mark has advised e-Infrastructure organizations on four continents, as well as global vendors of advanced computing technology, on issues of strategic planning, service alignment, and operational impacts of technology trends.



Elevating Data Quality: A Paradigm Shift for Data Spaces and AI Needs
Tuesday Mar 12, 2024  12:00-13:00
AI and Data Spaces for sustainable smart city – water and other key resources challenges
Wednesday Jun 14, 2023  14:00-15:00
Towards the implementation of High Value Datasets – First hands on
Wednesday Jun 14, 2023  15:30-17:00
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