Technological Enablers for the Next-Level Data Economy

June 13, 2023 - 13:00 - 14:30
Haakon room
Data Spaces
Energy and Green Deal
Data monetization and market places
In person
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In this session we are bringing together four Horizon Europe projects (UPCAST, FAME, DATAMITE and PISTIS) that build digital technologies, solutions and interoperable frameworks for data markets and the data economy. The objective of the session is to facilitate discussions, generate initiatives and create synergies between these projects and the larger BDVA community; as well, we intend to share insights regarding the technologies and tools being developed under Horizon Europe actions and discuss best practices for the deployment of the European Data Spaces. The focus of the session will be on the technologies, solutions and frameworks that the four projects are developing; these technologies facilitate the collection, sharing, storing, processing, trading and re using of data in compliance with the legal framework and satisfying the needs, expectations and rights of the data providers, brokers, users and data subjects.

The projects are building practical and scalable solutions for handling large amounts of transactions while minimizing energy consumption (including smart/automated contracting, data rights management, tracking of subsequent data use). At the same time, the projects pay special attention to data and metadata interoperability, including the application of appropriate standards, reference architectures, common ontologies/vocabularies/data models allowing frictionless data sharing. The projects’ emphasis on the development and demonstration of practical and mature end-to-end systems, building on the results of work on data platforms, privacy-preserving technologies and computing technologies under the Horizon programmes. Following the presentations from the projects, there will be a short presentation by the Data Spaces Support Centre (DSSC), providing a holistic picture and setting-up the scene as these projects are shaping with their contributions the future of Data Spaces. The second part of the session will hold a joint panel on “Challenges and innovative Solutions for the future of Sectoral Data Spaces” for further discussions between the panelists and the audience. The panel will focus on the key factors that are needed to develop and support data spaces of realistic scope and size, deployable in real-world applications in various application areas.

Overview of the session’s agenda here

Session’s presentations here


Richard Stevens
Associate Vice President at International Data Corporation (IDC)
Ernesto Ettore Troiano
Client Service Manager at GFT Italia Srl Organisation
Yury Glikman
Researcher at Fraunhofer
Till Christopher Lech
Research Manager Smart Data at SINTEF
Tuomo Tuikka
Data Space Solutions Lead at VTT
George Konstantinidis
Assistant Professor in AI at University of Southampton
Liliana Beltrán Blanco
Specialist in positioning and Data innovation ecosystems at ITI - Instituto Tecnológico de Informática
Sotiris Koussouris
Managing Director at Suite5 Data Intelligence Solutions Ltd
Nevena Raczko
Government Consulting at IDC
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