Leveraging Earth Observation data to support energy efficiency and the European Green Deal

June 14, 2023 - 14:00 - 15:00
Haakon room
Data Spaces
Energy and Green Deal
In person
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Earth observations (EO), including data collected by satellites, airborne platforms and drones, in situ sensors or citizen observatories, play a key role in the development of environmental observation applications providing vast amounts of information that can be leveraged by scientists, data analysts and developers to create new added-value services and applications. However, the consumption of open EO data archives (such as Copernicus data) is typically a demanding process that requires systematic data exploration as well as custom harmonization of various data resources, including in-situ and space-based observations. Key challenges that are associated with the uptake and democratization of EO data are related to their effective discovery, processing, and analysis from Earth Observation (EO) and non-EO experts, as well as the accuracy of Artificial Intelligence (AI) approaches and the scalability and performance of the resulting tools to meet user expectations. This special session will focus on the ongoing technologies (architecture and models) to address data fusion and data harmonization of satellite and in-situ observations and it will also present use cases and applications supporting Energy efficiency and the EU Green Deal’s objectives.

Session’s report here

Introduction presentation here

ARSINOE presentation here

BUILDSPACE presentation here

Earth Observation (Use Cases) presentation here

Green Deal Data Space Foundation​ presentation here

Linked Data Harmonization presentation here

Richard Stevens
Associate Vice President at International Data Corporation (IDC)
Raul Palma
Head of Data Analytics and Semantics Department at Poznan Supercomputing and Networking Center
Stamatia Rizou
R&D Manager at Singular Logic
Chrysi Laspidou
Professor-Civil Engineering at University of Thessaly
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