Generative AI – BDVA Member’s Experience

March 12, 2024 - 10:00 - 11:30
Data Value - Applications in Data Spaces
In person
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Current experience with generative AI and foundation models varies widely across organisations and industries. Applications including content creation and summarisation are already becoming popular. But there is potential to unlock even more value with technological innovation cognizant of impacts on society. In this session we would like to explore existing or potential use cases for generative AI in BDVA member organisations with a particular emphasis on technological innovation needed to drive wider adoption.

The session is organised as a series of light talks covering different cases followed by a discussion among all speakers and the audience.


Agenda and Speakers:  

  • Setting up the objectives (5 min)
  • Light talks (60 min) from Bradley Eck, IBM: Generating Equipment Maintenance Documents / Andrejs Vasiljevs, Tilde/ Daniele Pagani, LIST: Generative AI to build better software faster / Jesús Alonso, Tree Technology: LLM Chatbots as Privacy Advocates in the Digital Age Roberta Turra, Cineca: Precipitation nowcasting with generative diffusion models and Natural Language Processing for healthy life expectancy estimation / Fernando Perales, JOT: generative AI to support digital marketing / Carlos Ruiz, UPM: Combine LLMs and Knowledge Graphs to alleviate bias, leverage factual reasoning, and reduce hallucinations/ Herman Pals, TNO: experiences and challenges about Dutch LLM initiatives
  • Round table discussion with speakers and the audience (20 min): Some questions:
  • What business considerations drove selection of the use-case you shared?  What up-side do you see ?
  • What is the largest risk you see in advancing the use case ?
  • Did any technological gaps appear in your work so far ?
  • Conclusion and call for action (5 min)


Fernando Perales presentation here

Herman Pals presentation here

Carlos Ruiz presentation here



Roberta Turra
Data Analytics team lead at CINECA
Daniele Pagani
Lead Partnership Officer at Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST)
Fernando Perales
Head at JOT Research Lab
Bradley Eck
Researcher at IBM Research - Zurich Lab
Andrejs Vasiljevs
Executive Chairman at Tilde
Jesús Alonso
Senior Data Scientist at TREE Technology SA
Carlos Ruiz
at Universidad Politecnica de Madrid (UPM)
Herman Pals
Principal Business Consultant at TNO
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