Exploiting the opportunities of Energy Data Platforms

June 14, 2023 - 17:00 - 18:30
Ivar room
Energy and Green Deal
In person
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The session aims at providing insights into the opportunities opened up from Energy Data Platforms from a technical and a business perspective. With the design and implementation of Common Data Spaces for any sector (including Energy) being on the rise, the focus of the session will be on:

  • Identifying the experiences and challenges on energy data platforms with regard to technology development and large-scale demonstrations across Europe.
  • Elaborating on the data-driven business models for the relevant data value chain stakeholders and the business opportunities for energy data initiatives.
  • Providing a hands-on experience on the platforms, tools and components that have been already developed in the context of different, related projects.
  • Discussing the lessons learnt and recommendations provided to the data spaces, especially in the energy sector



  1. Introduction by the session organizer
  2. Perspectives from the projects funded under DT-ICT-11-2019 “Big data solutions for energy” (SYNERGY BD4OPEM and BD4NRG Projects)
  3. Discussion Panel


Introduction presentation here

BD4OPEM presentation here

SYNERGY presentation here

BD4NRG presentation here


Fenareti Lampathaki
Technical Director/Co-Founder at Suite5 Data Intelligence Solutions Ltd
Daniel Brandt
Senior Project Manager & Head of EU Funding at Sustainable Innovation
Massimo Bertoncini
Senior R&D Opportunities Manager at Engineering Ingegneria Informatica SpA
Vangelis Karakolis
Software Engineer & Researcher at School of Electrical & Computer Eng., National Technical University of Athens
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