etami: Ethical and Trustworthy Artificial Machine Intelligence

June 14, 2023 - 15:30 - 18:00
Agnar room
In person
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  • Djalel Benbouzid, Volkswagen: Introduction & welcome (5 minutes)
  • Invited Talk by Evangelia Markidou, DG Directorate General for Communications Networks, Content and Technology, EC: : A European approach to excellence in AI  (20 minutes) (presentation here)
  • Tech Talk  by Adrian Byrne and Pavlos Sermpezis: Bias and fairness in AInavigating the pitfalls through a use-case in wearables for health (40 minutes) (presentation here)
  • Spotlight by Jan de Bruyne, CiTiP: A short overview of the AI Act ( AI Act General presentation here) 

In this introduction, we will give a short overview of the regulatory status of the AI Act. The major differences between the European Commission’s initial proposal and the Parliament’s and Council’s approach will be highlighted. It provides a background for the different deep-dives

Deep dives with Q&A:

  • Jan de Bruyne: AI and liability(20 minutes) (presentation here)
  • Susanne Stenberg, RISE: AI, sustainability and ethics (20 minutes) (presentation here)
  • Håkan Burden, RISE: Public administration and the innovation system (20 minutes)

Closing (5 minutes)

Håkan Burden
Senior Researcher at RISE Research Institutes of Sweden
Susanne Stenberg
Senior researcher, AI Policy Lead at RISE Research Institutes of Sweden
Djalel Benbouzid
Senior Machine Learning Researcher at Volkswagen AG
Jan de Bruyne
Research Expert at KU Leuven Center for IT & IP Law (CiTiP)
Pavlos Sermpezis
Senior researcher at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Data & Web Science Lab
Adrian Byrne
Marie Curie Research Fellow at CeADAR UCD and Idiro Analytics
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