Engaging SMEs and Start-ups in Data Spaces

March 12, 2024 - 10:00 - 11:30
Engaging SMEs and Start-ups in Data Spaces (i-Spaces)
In person
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Data Spaces are the main instrument in the European Data Strategy to achieve a full Data Economy and increase the quantity and quality of data able to generate responsible AI applications, keeping the data sovereignty. But Data Spaces still have some barriers to overcome, like how to create a sustainable business model, how to integrate SMEs in the data ecosystem, how to assure the quality of Data, how to address data ethics issues, and also data and AI regulations, how to increase the skills, … 

i-Spaces are strong business and human ecosystems around data and AI innovation and experimentation, providing computing power, tools, ethics guidelines, business models,  and creating a trusted environment around them, working mainly with SMEs and Start-ups. 

i-Spaces have federated themselves with the vision of being the reference for experimentation and innovation with industrial, public and personal Data and AI technologies following the European, national and regional values and principles, creating a global pan European federated catalogue that accelerates the evolution and adoption of Data driven innovation and AI Technologies and regulations in Europe by facilitating a safe, trustworthy and regulatory compliant environment for cross-border and cross-sector data-driven experimentation. 

In this session we will explore the value of i-Spaces and Federation models, and their role in facilitating collaboration, fostering innovation, and driving sustainable growth for SMEs and start-ups. Gain insights from European Digital Innovation Hubs (EDIHs) specializing in data and AI, and explore their strategies and initiatives aimed at empowering SMEs and start-ups. Explore the concept of Data Space Lab as a neutral, technical entry point for SMEs, and learn about its role in facilitating experimentation, testing, and innovation within the context of data spaces. 

It will be developed across three small panels, focusing on main challenges in joining data spaces, the value proposition of EDIHs, i-Spaces, and the Federation, and the practical implications of Data Space Lab for SMEs.  

Agenda and Speakers 

  • Introduction
  • Main challenges of SMEs and Start-ups in joining Data Spaces (Óscar Lázaro, Innovalia)
  • Presentations from Experiences from some EDIHs, i-Spaces at local and Regional level:
    • Arne Berre, Sintef
    • Daniel Sáez-Domingo, ITI
    • Till Riedel, KIT
    • Denia Kanellopoulou, Demokritos
    • Jakob Logar, KNOW
    • Jeanette Nilsson, RISE
  • Panel discussions (Panel discussions with the speakers)
  • Exploring the main challenges faced by SMEs and start-ups in joining Data Spaces and identifying strategies to overcome them.
  • Understanding the value proposition of EDIHs in supporting SMEs and start-ups in data and AI innovation.
  • Examining the practical implications and benefits of Data Space Labs for SMEs, and discussing how they can facilitate experimentation, testing, and innovation within Data Spaces.

Session’s presentation here

Daniel Sáez Domingo
Strategic Intelligence & Technology Transfer Director at ITI - Instituto Tecnológico de Informática
Jeanette Nilsson 
AI Ecosystem Driver at RISE Research Institutes of Sweden
Arne J. Berre
Chief Scientist and Innovation Director at SINTEF
Till Riedel
Lab Lead at Karlsruher Institut für Technologie (KIT)
Oscar Lázaro
Managing Director at Innovalia
Denia Kanellopoulou
Innovation Director at IIS Division & AI Innovation Expert at NCSR Demokritos - ahedd DIH
Jakob Logar
Business Development at Know Center
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