Elevating Data Quality: A Paradigm Shift for Data Spaces and AI Needs

March 12, 2024 - 12:00 - 13:00
From regulations to implementation
In person
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The objectives of this workshop are the following:  

  • To approach data quality from a new perspective, addressing specific AI requirements for data, and in view of AI Act and other regulations 
  • To consider data quality as a dynamic feature, that has to consider different metrics to respond and be useful according to final application needs 
  • To identify data spaces as a way to support data quality, providing a controlled and trusted environment that ensures governance, provenance and traceability evidences, exhaustive description of data set, and business needs for the quality of data.  


Agenda and Speakers: 
  • Introduction and motivation (Daniel Alonso, BDVA) 
  • Data quality from a legal perspective. From law to standard. Concrete examples of stakeholders involved in the assessment from AI Act, EHDS, mobility data space and Data Act. Implications for policy development. Importance of provenance in data quality (HakanBurden / Susanne Stenberg, RISE) 
  • Fit for purpose: data quality from the research domain. Importance of semantics / semantic biding, and how data spaces can contribute. View from GATE and EOSC (Mark Dietrich, EGI).  
  • Importance of data quality for data sharing. How data quality should be managed: proper description, management of potential issues. How data spaces can contribute to that (Kuldar Aas, Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications for Estonia) 
  • Data quality from a business perspective. Impact of data quality on costs, resources and KPIs (Tobias Guggenberger, Fraunhofer ISST).  
  • JTC21 (TBC)
  • Conclusion and wrap-up 
Håkan Burden
Senior Researcher at RISE Research Institutes of Sweden
Susanne Stenberg
Senior researcher, AI Policy Lead at RISE Research Institutes of Sweden
Mark Dietrich
Senior Advisor at EGI Foundation
Daniel Alonso Román
Senior Technical Lead Big Data and AI ecosystems at Big Data Value Association (BDVA)
Aas Kuldar
Data Governance Programme Lead at Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications for Estonia
Tobias Guggenberger
Group Lead at Fraunhofer ISST
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