Data Value – Application in Data Spaces

March 12, 2024 - 14:00 - 15:30
Data Value - Applications in Data Spaces
In person
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The objectives of this workshop are the following:  

  • To discuss about different current and potential ways to generate value from data spaces (with data sharing and collaboration among stakeholders as main drivers) 
  • To identify what technical enablers are needed to materialize this value generation 
  • To hear from industry real use cases of value generation from data and data sharing, and how data spaces are contributing to them.  
  • To focus on AI / industrial AI as a paradigmatic example that can benefit from its connection with data spaces.  


Agenda and Speakers: 


1.Introduction and setting-up the scene  

  • Introduction and framework: Nuria De Lama (IDC) / Daniel Alonso (BDVA)
  • Keynote / motivation: Thomas Hahn (Siemens, BDVA president)


(Both next slots will consist of: (i) initial statement from each speaker, and (ii) panel to discuss on the objectives of the session, with questions from moderator and audience)


2.Part 1: View from research and innovation, how those initiatives are planning to generate value from data sharing and data spaces, and technical enablers they are developing for that. 

Initial statements + discussion (moderated by Daniel Alonso) with:

  • Arturo Medela (Eviden, Sedimark project coordinator)
  • Emmanouil G. Spanakis (FORTH, Trustee project coordinator)
  • Edward Curry (Insight, Generative AI and data spaces)
  • Tanguy Coenen (IMEC, ACADI)


3.Part 2:  Testimonies from industry on real data value generation scenarios in different sectors, including industrial AI, lessons learnt, main barriers to overcome in order to fully achieve the objectives, technical needs, future perspectives.

Initial statements + discussion (moderated by Nuria De Lama) with:  

  • Hanno Focken (Catena-X, automotive sector)
  • Rob Smeets (Philips, healthcare domain)
  • Aitor Corchero (NTT Data, public administration)
  • Denia Kanellopoulou (Demokritos, DeployAI, industrial AI)


4.Closing and final remarks 


SEDIMARK presentation here

Denia Kanellopoulou’s presentation here

Thomas Hahn
Chief Expert Software at Siemens AG
Aitor Corchero Rodriguez
Msc in computing engineering at NTT Data
Edward Curry
Professor at Insight Centre
Daniel Alonso Román
Senior Technical Lead Big Data and AI ecosystems at Big Data Value Association (BDVA)
Nuria de Lama
Consulting Director at International Data Corporation (IDC)
Denia Kanellopoulou
Innovation Director at IIS Division & AI Innovation Expert at NCSR Demokritos - ahedd DIH
Arturo Medela
Project Director at Eviden
Emmanouil Spanakis
Collaborating Researcher at ICS-FORTH
Tanguy Coenen
Data Technology lead at imec
Hanno Focken
Managing Director at Catena-X Automotive Network
Rob Smeets
Director Public-Private Partnerships at Philips
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