Advancing data quality: diving deeper and exploring new dimensions

June 5, 2024 - 9:30 - 11:00
Room Erasmus 1
Room Erasmus 1
In person
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Scope and objectives:

This workshop will debate BDVA’s most recent discussion paper on data quality, Elevating Data Quality A Paradigm Shift for Data Spaces and AI Needs, as starting point, with the aim to explore, based on current trends, developments and insights, the paths to follow as continuation of this discussion, going deeper on specific topics already covered in the paper (data quality in data products / business view, quality and fitness for purpose, data quality in data spaces, data quality on AI), and incorporating new ones (FAIR principles, data quality of synthetic data, provenance / records / certification of data quality, data observability, data quality in specific domains and sectors …) that could define the framework of data quality for the future.

The output of this workshop aims to be a content driven agenda and roadmap to be followed in BDVA related activities (Strategic Agenda, Task Forces, new papers, DSSC project, SDOs, future workshops, …).

Structure of the workshop:

  • Intro and presentation of BDVA paper (5 min)
  • Presentations (40 min)
  • Discussion / questions from and for the audience (40 min)
  • Next steps (5 min)




Daniel Alonso (BDVA) -> Intro and set-up the scene. BDVA paper presentation. Moderator


Relevant aspects in data quality

Eimear Farrell (JRC) -> data governance and data quality requirements for ethical and trustworthy AI & provenance / records / certification of data quality

Gabriella Laatikainen (VTT) -> data quality in data products

Peter Brosten (Eurecat, PISTIS project) -> quality assessment and other tools


Data Quality in different sectors

Sergi Baena-Miret (CETAQUA, Waterverse) -> data quality framework in Waterverse project

Pim Volkert (TU Eindhoven/HEALTH-RI, BDVA TF Health): data quality view from the health sector, view from BDVA TF Health

Jose Pedro Revenga Arias (NTT Data) -> Public Procurement Data Spaces quality assessment and tools

You can access all of the slides here!

Daniel Alonso Román
Senior Technical Lead Big Data and AI ecosystems at Big Data Value Association (BDVA)
Pim Volkert
BDVA Task Force Health and Chair of the Clinical Data Architecture Working Group at TU Eindhoven/HEALTH-RI, BDVA TF Health
Eimear Farrell
Scientific expert, Digital Economy Unit at European Commission - Joint Research Centre
Sergi Baena-Miret
Programme Leader in Smart Metering and Revenue Assurance at Cetaqua - Water Technology Centre
Gabriella Laatikainen
Senior Scientist at VTT
Peter Brosten
Data Science Researcher at Eurecat
José Pedro Revenga Arias
Solutions Specific Knowledge Analyst at NTT Data
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