Data monetisation

March 12, 2024 - 12:00 - 13:00
Data Value - Applications in Data Spaces
In person
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Data has become a pivotal asset in the digital economy, driving innovation, enhancing efficiency, and creating new revenue streams. As we delve into the era of exponential data growth, the concept of data monetization emerges as a critical discourse.   

This panel brings together six Horizon Europe projects – UPCAST, FAME, DATAMITE, PISTIS, EnrichMyData, and Graph-Missivizer – to explore the multifaceted dimensions of data monetization. Through a comprehensive dialogue, we aim to unravel the value, challenges, and approaches associated with transforming data into economic assets.  


The primary objective of this panel is to provide a platform for knowledge exchange and discussion on the best practices, challenges, and innovative solutions in the realm of data monetization. By leveraging the diverse experiences and insights from the participating Horizon Europe projects, the panel seeks to shed light on effective strategies for harnessing the economic potential of data across various sectors. Each project will present case studies that articulate a specific problem and detail the solution their project is developing to tackle data monetization challenges. 

To foster an engaging and participatory environment, the session will incorporate interactive elements such as live polling, allowing audience members to weigh in on key discussion points, and a dedicated Q&A platform for real-time inquiries.   


Session’s presentation here

Richard Stevens
Associate Vice President at International Data Corporation (IDC)
Liliana Beltrán Blanco
Specialist in positioning and Data innovation ecosystems at ITI - Instituto Tecnológico de Informática
Fernando Perales
Head at JOT Research Lab
Luis-Daniel Ibáñez
Lecturer at University of Southampton
Antonio Sottosanti
Senior Mnager at GFT Group
Mihnea Tufis
Research and Development Group Lead at Eurecat - Technology Centre
Sebastian Schmidt
CEO at metaphacts GmbH
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