Data for Sustainability

June 5, 2024 - 09:30 - 11:00
Room Erasmus 3
Room Erasmus 3
In person
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The EU agenda connects the green and the digital transitions (‘twin transitions’). The potential of data for sustainability features prominently, while it’s also stressed that we need to quantify and reduce the environmental footprint of data operations. Furthermore, new EU legislation is being designed to serve sustainability purposes.

The session will discuss the potential of data for sustainability and the related challenges and look at recent policy developments including Data Act, the novel construct of ‘digital product passports’ (to make product-related data available through the product value chain) and Corporate Sustainability Reporting (that requires companies to provide information on their impact on sustainability matters).

You can access all of the slides here!

Natalie Bertels
Research and valorisation manager at imec-KULeuven Centre for IT and IP Law (CiTiP) at KU Leuven
Giovanni Rimassa
Chief Innovation Officer at Martel Innovate
Tomas Pariente Lobo
Head of Applied AI Team at Eviden
Lina Nardone
Project Manager at European DIGITAL SME Alliance
Alex Borg
Project Manager and Research Associate at Lisbon Council
Edoardo Colaizzo
Innovation Project Manager at GFT Technologies
Sjoerd Rongen
Consultant Smart Industry at TNO
Ilias Iakovidis
Adviser, Digital aspects of green transition at European Commission
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