Data-driven and Automated Compliance

June 5, 2024 - 14:00 - 15:30
Room Erasmus 3
Room Erasmus 3
In person
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As the amount of legal requirements grows, so does the challenge of compliance for businesses. Manual approaches to compliance do not scale well with the introduction of new regulatory frameworks, slow down the development process, lengthen the time to market, increase bureaucratic impact, and force business to cherry-pick the rules they will give effect to.

To overcome these issues and unlock the full potential of the digital transition all the while ensuring a high standard of protection for individuals, it is important to take steps to (partially) automate these legal reasonings and leverage on data, data spaces and AI technology to help reach the compliance goals.

The session brings together different research and industry initiatives with the aim of building community around the topic and mapping out different building blocks (such as legal ontologies, policy languages, models, knowledge graphs) and components (such as facilitated reporting, automated contracts) depending on the level of automation, the range of supported legal concepts and provisions,… Participants are invited to interact with the speakers and engage towards future collaborations on these topics.

The session will include a series of interesting presentations from the speakers, followed by a panel discussion interacting with the audience.


  • Rajiv Rajani, iShare Foundation: Driving Compliance Through Data: Insights and Learnings
  • Titi Roman, Senior Research Scientific at SINTEF: Compliance for Data Pipelines
  • Pierre Gronlier, CIO Gaia-X. Gaia-X approach to automated compliance
  • Dániel Antal, co-founder at Reprex B.V. Data sharing spaces for CSRD compliance
  • Peter Hannagan Brosten, Data Science Researcher: PISTIS Lineage Tracker / PROV-O compliant provenance engine.
  • Laurens Sion, Research Expert Privacy Engineering at KU Leuven. Automated model-driven compliance assessment

You can access all of the slides here!

Ana García Robles
Secretary General at Big Data Value Association (BDVA)
Dumitru Roman
Senior Research Scientist at SINTEF
Peter Brosten
Data Science Researcher at Eurecat
Rajiv Rajani
at iSHARE Foundation
Dániel Antal
Co-Founder at Reprex B.V.
Pierre Gronlier
Chief Innovation Officer at GAIA-X
Laurens Sion
Research Expert Privacy Engineering at KU Leuven
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