Building a Cognitive Cloud-Edge Continuum for Next-Generation Data Processing Applications

June 14, 2023 - 17:00 - 18:00
Haakon room
Data/AI and the Cloud-to-Edge continuum
In person
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Next-generation data processing applications are going to require new AI-enabled cloud-edge platforms that will automatically adapt to the growing complexity and data deluge by integrating seamlessly and securely diverse computing and data environments, spanning from HPC to cloud to edge to IoT. These solutions are expected to respond and adapt intelligently to changes in application behavior and data variability offering automatic deployment, mobility, and secure adaptability of services across the continuum to diverse users and contexts. Data management should take into account the openness and trustworthiness of the underlying resource management layers. The innovative application of AI-techniques is expected to allow dynamic load balancing and to optimise energy efficiency, while maintaining balanced data traffic and high, distributed, reliable throughput from cloud to edge according to the application and user needs and the underlying infrastructures.

In this session speakers from projects of the Cloud-Edge-IoT community will provide an overview of their Cognitive Computing solutions including the next-generation meta-operating systems for the smart Internet of Things as well as AI-enabled computing continuum cloud-edge platforms. The session will also explore synergies between ongoing Research and Innovation Projects of the Cloud-Edge-IoT community


  • Sebastien Dupont, CETIC
    “Securing development and operation of cyber-physical systems by design with DevSecOps” (presentation here)
  • Davide Dalle Carbonare, Engineering Ingegneria Informatica
    TALON: EU project developing a fully-automated AI architecture that will bring intelligence to the edge in a flexible, adaptable, explainable and energy efficient manner” (presentation here)


Session presentation here

TRACT presentation here

DECO presentation here

GNIT presentation here

Davide Dalle Carbonare
Senior Researcher and Business Developer at Engineering Ingegneria Informatica
Thomas Ohlson Timoudas
Researcher at RISE Research Institutes of Sweden
Sébastien Dupont
Expert Research Engineer at CETIC
Rizkallah Touma
Research Lead at i2CAT
Andoni Amurrio 
Researcher at IKERLAN Data analytics and Artificial intelligence Department
Daniel Olsson
Senior Researcher / Cloud Systems Architect at RISE Research Institutes of Sweden
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