AI-native data management for robustness and sustainability

June 14, 2023 - 13:00 - 14:00
Haakon room
Data Spaces
Data/AI and the Cloud-to-Edge continuum
Data-Driven Innovation and experimentation (EUHubs4Data)
In person
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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is expected to play a key role in forthcoming 6G systems, as it can increase a set of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that will positively impact several vertical sectors. In this session a very promising start-up (QBEAST), a well-known European research institute (Insight-center), two European-funded projects (PREDICT-6G and VERGE) under the Horizon Europe (HEU) program, and a corporation program (Intel Ignite) elaborate on several aspects of what are the expected benefits brought by AI in different fields.

Joan Pujol, Samsung, UK: “AI at the edge for sustainable 6G networks” 

This presentation sketches the vision of the VERGE HEU funded research project on how AI applied at the edge of the networks will help increasing their sustainability and deploying new services, applications and use cases moving towards 6G.

See the presentation here

Antonio de la Oliva, University Madrid III: “Determinism and Robustness as pillars of future production sites”

This presentation focuses on the vision of the PREDICT-6G HEU funded research project on how the synergy between cellular and Wi-Fi access, Time Sensitive Networks and AI can be applied to increase robustness and sustainability in important vertical domains like manufacturing and IIoT.

See the presentation here

Edward Curry, Insight-center: “Semantic and AI for Data Management”

This presentation will provide an overview of the opportunities for semantics and AI to drive a new paradigm for large-scale data management.”

See the presentation here

Jesche Clemens, Qbeast: “A new approach for a more sustainable data management”

This presentation elaborates on a new approach to drastically reduce energy consumption of ML algorithms by deploying an innovative model training method.

See the presentation here

In the last 15 minutes of this sessions speakers are invited to join a Panel where some questions, including those from the audience, are better elaborated.


Activities linked to this sessions:

EU-funded project VERGE (AI-powered eVolution towards opEn and secuRe edGe architEctures)

EU funded project PREDICT-6G (PRogrammable AI-Enabled DeterminIstiC neTworking for 6G)

Intel Ignite program for start-ups

Valerio Frascolla
Director of Research and Innovation at Intel
Curry Edward
Professor at Insight Centre
Clemens Jesche
Chief Business Development Officer & Co-founder at Qbeast
Joan Pujol Roig
Senior Researcher Scientist at Samsung
Antonio de la Oliva
Associate Professor at University Carlos III of Madrid
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