Advanced Digital Skills in Data and AI: current demand, forecasted scenarios and expected gap

June 14, 2023 - 14:00 - 15:00
Agnar room
Data Spaces
Data/AI and the Cloud-to-Edge continuum
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Digital technology and infrastructures have a critical role in the life of European citizens and business environments. In Europe, more than 90% of professional roles require a basic level of digital knowledge. The use of digital is now a matter of all sectors and not restricted to IT. However, around 42% of Europeans lack basic digital skills, including 37% of those in the workforce.  But we do not have to concentrate only on basic level as Advanced Digital Skills (ADS) can help workers in jobs that are multidisciplinary such as bioinformatics, social media, precision agriculture and more. This is a competitive value as increasing the number of workers with the proper ADS no doubt will situate Europe in a better position to be competitive in the digital world. It is important to highlight the role of governments, businesses, and educational institutions in providing this training and creating a digital skills ecosystem.

Leading European Advanced Digital Skills (LEADS) is one of the projects that has been financed with the aim to provide insights into the changing advanced digital skills (ADS) demands within a dynamic technological development context and current digital transformation to equip skills suppliers (education and training) with the knowledge, guidance and best practices to shape the future of European ADS talent.

LeADS will act across three key areas within which it will develop key knowledge and insights that will be translated into actions and guidance through active engagement with the broader education and training community and the SPECIALISED cohort of projects. In the knowledge generation tasks technology and business trends driving the digital societal transformation will be monitored. In fact, the first deliverable is the ADS framework that provides the basis to understand which skills will be analysed in the project. Also a deep analysis of the gaps between demand and offer will be conducted to highlight the emerging gaps that can be addressed by new education and training approaches.

We are consequently proposing a session on ADS with a focus on Data, AI and the Computing Continuum to emphasize the importance of digital skills for individuals and the European economy digital skills. In the session, major stakeholders in the skills field and in particular LeADS will share with the audience main findings and results (ADS framework, demand forecast and analysis, state of play of the supply in the EU and gap analysis). Organizations will be encouraged to contribute to this process by confronting our models with their knowledge and context, to provide additional insights and support the validation.

Participants will also discuss the importance of collaboration and partnerships between different stakeholders to address the digital skills gap and ensure that Europe remains competitive in the global digital economy. Overall, the session will emphasize the importance of digital skills for Europe’s future and the need for a coordinated effort to develop and promote these skills.


The main goal of the workshop will be to analyze the results of the analysis performed during the last 9 months of the LEADS project to analyze the most demanded ADS skills and profiles and see how they are aligned with suppliers offer.

One of the main objectives of the workshop will be to validate the results obtained through.

  1. Advanced Digital Skills Taxonomy
  2. Skills demand forecasting by industry
  3. Supply of ADS within HEI and VET
  4. Current and future gap, trends and expected challenges


Introduction presentation here

Deep Tech Specialists gap​ presentation here

LEADS presentation here

Porini presentation here

Brendan Rowan
Tech, Policy and Skills at Bluespecs
Ernestina Menasalvas
Professor at Universidad Politecnica de Madrid
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